Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GRE Premier Program 2009 Edition - CDRom

Kaplan GRE Premier Program 2009 Edition - CDRom
Kaplan GRE Premier Program 2009 Edition
CD-Rom, BIN/CUE file

The Education Testing Service continues to make gradual changes to the content of the GRE. But with this unique multi-format preparation program, students will receive the most accurate, timely details on the GRE test change. With features such as updates and useful resources on test changes posted directly to your online syllabus, test takers can depend on Kaplan for the most complete and up-to-the-minute information.

This customized study program includes:

-- The latest information on the November 2007 updates, including samples of the two new question types with detailed answer explanations.

-- Up-to-the-minute GRE updates online

-- 5 full-length practice tests (1 in the book, 1 online, and 3 on CD-ROM)

-- Hundreds of additional practice questions

-- Detailed answer explanations

-- Interactive online study plan and progress report that adapts to your goals and schedule

-- Diagnostic test to target areas for score improvement

-- Kaplan-exclusive score-raising strategies

-- Essential tactics for the computer-adaptive test (CAT) format


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