Monday, March 1, 2010

Linux Mint Live-USB Edition

Linux Mint Live-USB Edition
Linux Mint Live-USB Edition | 702 MB

Full version of Linux Mint for flash drives run at the Live, is also possible to install a stick on the hard disk.

This version contains all the necessary programs and codecs for:
1) Plays videos and music.
2) Discovery of the pictures.
3) Discovery of text documents and presentations.

All the drivers are installed machine, so that the steam will not have to.
To start your computer must support booting from a flash drive.

In bottles in the first place should stand flash drive.

1) Format the USB flash drive in the Fat 32
2) In the archive are 2 files.
3) Run as administrator "unetbootin-windows-377"
4) Select "Image" and specify the second file.
5) Below to choose their media library.
6) Click OK
7) When will be asked: Reload com or Exit.
8) Click Exit.
9) Retrieve the stick of companies.
10) insert such as a laptop, turn on him and wait (do not choose not push)
11) That's all, good luck!


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