Friday, March 12, 2010

Realtime Character Animation XSI

Realtime Character Animation XSI

Realtime character animation XSI | 358 MB

Real-Time Character Animation with Softimage|XSI, part of the Noesis Interactive™ MOD Your World™ training series, teaches you how to “Activate Your Character” by demonstrating techniques used by professional animators. Working in Softimage|XSI with a character and animations from the Source engine video game, Counter Strike™, you’ll learn how to blend different poses and motions together in order to create new animation sequences. Then use customized parameters to develop the controls and organization necessary to work with the animation sequences.
DVD topics covered include:
Animation Clips & Sequences
Animation Blending
Custom Parameters
Linked Parameters
Animating Poses
Device Capture Techniques
Real-Time Shadows


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