Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Microsoft Sidewinder

Sidewinder X6

Microsoft Sidewinder series is quite popular when it comes to gamingperipherals especially Keyboard and mouse. The latest X6 Sidewinderkeyboard from Microsoft has found its way to India. It comes with a switchable keypad that is quite flexible and can be attached to right or left side of thekeyboard.
The keypad makes it an ideal thing for productivity as well as gaming. In the normal mode, it behaves as a Num keypad while in Gaming Mode, it behaves as a Macro Pad. The X6 also has back-lit keys. In the gamingmode, the standard keyboard keys are shown with red back-light while the macro and keypad keys are shown in amber. The X6 has 30 programmable Macro keys which allows around 90 programmable options. Thekeyboard can be manually toggled between the two modes. It has a new Cruise Control feature that allows gamers to continue a sequence without holding down the keys. This can be done with upto 4 keys. Users can record any sequence of keystrokes as macros and can then share it also.
It is an ideal keyboard for the gamers. It is available at a price of Rs 4,300 with three years warranty.

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