Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Information about the game
Title: Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
Genre: Strategy / RPG
Language: English
Year: 2010
DeveloperSilent Dreams
Publisher: Silent Dreams
File size: 759 MB

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes (2010/ENG/ISO)

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes (2010/ENG/ISO)

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes (2010/ENG/ISO)

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes (2010/ENG/ISO)

On the game: Great game Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes captivates its trivial idea, lush graphics and exciting gameplay. The game has a strategic role and components as well as sparkling humor that makes the game more attractive! You will be step mode fighting various enemies and lots of tactical warfare. The game is dedicated to all fans of role-playing genre, but fans of turn-based strategybnaydut much of interest in this product!

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes tells the story of Drake, fail exams at the military academy because of the fact that he refused to defend your kingdom from the Dark Church. As a result, he decided to commit suicide, but learns that he is - one of the last people in the country who can hold the sword in his hands the rest destroyed in the first battle. Now Drake will create an army of thieves and criminals to save the earth Gloria.

Minimum system requirements:
System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4@1.5 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1500 +
Memory: 1 GB
Video card: nVidia GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1300 128 MB
Sound Card: DirectX 9-compatible
Hard disk: 800 Mb

On file:
Publication Type: License
Medicine: Not required
File Format: iso
Platform: PC


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